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Sonny & Karen E. Broadus

9616 Road 505

Saucier, MS   39574



Our Beginning with the 

Wire-Haired Pointing Griffons

   Sonny and I had started our quest for another bird dog he could use to hunt.  Actually, I had been looking in the AKC Gazette and saw the information on the Griffs.  I told Sonny that he needed to read this article.  He said "no more dogs."  My reply was "It's a bird dog."   That was all it took.    He read the article and told me to look for one.   We had German Shorthair Pointers, but wanted another breed to hunt in the heavy cover areas.  My search then started.  I talked, received pictures and talked some more.  I acquired Nicholi Von Herrenhausen in 1992 from Barbara Young Smith, Herrenhausen.  Nick was a 1/2 brother/sister cross, which appealed to me. The arrangements were made and he arrived at 8 weeks by plane.  Of course, when we went to pick him up, I told Sonny do not take him out of the crate until we get to a grassy area.  Needless, to say husbands don't listen to their wives.   Sonny received a nice wet package laid on his chest, but that didn't bother him.  Nick was here to stay.   I started showing him when he was 6 months and 2 days.   It was lots of fun.  Many people, who did not know the breed, wondered what 2 German Wirehair's were doing in the group ring.  He went on to go Winners Dog and Best of Winners at the Nationals in Penn. in 1993, finishing his Champion the last day of the circuit.  That was nice as there were no Griffs showing down in the south.  A few years passed and we realized that we would want to have more sometime.  I approached Linda and Ted Gagnon about purchasing a bitch.  It took some time to find the right one. Wet Acres Beaucoup arrived!  Kelly returned to Linda to be shown and finished her Ch. from the Bred By Exhibitors class.  Kelly and Linda did it.  Kelly is now in a retirement home. Both Nicky and Kelly's hip were rated Excellent.  The first breeding between the two resulted in a litter of 3 dogs and 5 bitches on April 5, 1999.  We kept Amy from this breeding. Many from this cross and the second are in hunting homes and doing great. Even a third repeat was done with the same results as the other 2.

Since that time, as things do go along.  I visited France where I import 2 bitches.  Pepsi and Princess who came from Mr. Lehericey in the Normandy area.  These bitches have been an asset to Marquis Kennels.   Princess is a strong hunters who has a fantastic nose.  Princess and Amy are producing wonderful pups who can do it all. Due to an accident beyond my control Pepsi is no longer with us. At the beginning of 2003 I'm also imported another bitch, Coy from Mr. Lehericey.  She is just as lovely, plus shows the same hunting instinct as the others. 

Amy and Princess have excellent hips .  All have had their eyes certified with CERF.

The next generation have arrived and already are showing that they will be carrying on the family tradition of showing and hunting.  Another addition is from Amy and Buddy  . . .Tina .  finished her AKC Championship at 13 months.; Princess and Nick,   Lacy has a great attitude and wonderful nose.   Tems, French Import, arrived in Feb of 2004.  He has a long line of both show and hunting dogs.   He is producing well, hunting dogs with good noses and great personalities. Mick is our new kids on the block. Mick finished his Championship in 2009. He is by Sevie & Coy.

Nicky, Pepsi, Princess, Tems, Amy & Lacy have all passed over the rainbow bridge . 




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