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Ch. Turquoise Des Rives De L'Aure
OFA: WG1291G25F-PI, Elbows Normal; CERF:  WG164/2004-23

"Coy" arrived on 1/3/03 from France breeder: M. Lehericey .  She has a great attitude.  Each day is a learning experience for her.  She has accepted all things very well.  She has shown lots of bird ability and wants to please.  She is one of those bitches that does not want to make a mistake. Coy will do anything that you ask, her want to please is so strong, but her hunting ability is even stronger. 

Coy's sire, Hudson was Dog of the year in France for 2 straight years.  He was the best hunting dog of all breeds during those 2 years.  I did meet Hudson and many of M. Lehericey's dogs.  All were very friendly and all were hunting dogs.  Mr. Lehericey lives in a small village and hunts daily when there is a season open for hunting.  The Griffs are used on many different fowl and fur from hunting deer, rabbits to woodcock. The Griffs in France is considered an all around hunting dog.  To be able to be used in a breeding program, they have to be evaluated by a FCI judge who will issued them a statement that they are of the quality to be used for breeding.  They are a hunting dog first and a show dog out of necessary to be worthy of breeding.

Coy and Bobby's litter arrived on 11-12-09 with many French lines and strong hunting ability. 

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Pedigree for Coy



Coy below from puppy to present


Pedigree on Coy:


CH-CS A P Hudson Des Rives De L'Aure , Elite A Trailer

Falky Du Domaine De La Viroise, TAN

Dona Des Rives De L'Aure, TAN

Jahia Des Rives De L'Aure, TAN

Dun, Recommande Trailer

Cahia Des Rives De L'Aure, Recommande Trailer

Explanation of French Titles