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Tem's De La Maure Canardiere, TAN

Registered with AKC as Tem's De La Canardiere
OFA: WG-1290G24M-PI; Elbows-Normal; CERF: WG161/2004-22

Deceased May 09

Above picture taken May 04 of Tems. Since he has arrived he has grown coat and matured as he has made many changes.

Pictures of Tems on the left was taken June 2004. . . . Pictures on the Right was taken June 2007

Tem arrived late at night, then had a good drive to come to his new home.  He was a gentleman all the way.  Very happy to see someone that would take him out of that crate.  He came right out to me with a great big attitude.  You could see that he was happy to be somewhere that he was going to get attention immediately.  We arrived in the middle of the night at home.  When he came out of the crate again, he heard the dogs barking that someone was here in the middle of the night.  He did accepted all things as if okay I hear them now what!  He was introduced the next morning to all the dogs.  He wagged his tail and played for a long time in the warm sun.  It was as if I'm HOME now!

Tem has his TAN which is the Natural ability test from France. He had his hips x-rayed with a rating of A-Excellent in France.  Scroll down to see his pedigree.  He come from a long line of hunters in France. His grandsire "Hudson" was dog of the year several years running.  Not only do they hunt birds, the dogs in France are used on any type of fur too.  Titles behind the names are hunting titles.

Tems has been out with my husband getting ready for bird season.  He is showing nice style with a great ability to check cover.  Each time he is getting bolder and bolder in this different type of terrain.  We are seeing the same type of style in his pups even at a very young age.  They love water and are using their noses very young.  The pups have a friendly and want to please attitude.

Tems is OFA Good/Elbows Normal and has been CERF.  

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