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We do a puppy evaluation at approximate 8 weeks of age on all pups so that each puppy can be match to their new homes.  The evaluation consists of Temperament, Conformation, Movement, and Hunting prospects.  Each pup will have a microchip or tattoo before leaving.  All will have several worming and at least 1 vaccinations.  No pups are allowed to leave until the evaluation has taken place.  We do take in consideration your preference in sex and color when making a selection for you.  Before we narrow down a particular pup that will be coming into your home, we would like to be informed of your lifestyle. Since my husband is the hunter we do watch for the puppies that show the better instinct to be place in hunting homes.  We do sell to pet homes, so others will be selected for those type of homes as well.  By knowing your lifestyle we can select a puppy that will fit your needs and a puppy that will be happy in your home.  If there is more than one puppy that will fit in your family, I will send pictures and how each puppy responds to different situations.  At that time you can make a choice between those puppies.  The choice on a puppy will be as the deposits have been received.  The choice will be made around 7 weeks of age.  

When contacting us please let us know the following:

If you have a preference for a certain sex?  How will the pup come to you: by shipping  or can you drive to pick up your pup? What is your goals for the new puppy. . .hunting, companion, showing, trialing, agility, obedience, etc.  Approximate age of you, your spouse and any children?  Will the pup be an indoor/outdoor or both?  Do you have a fence yard with access from your home?  If you live in the  north will you be able to give the puppy any necessary sleeping quarters to keep him dry and warm in the winter?  If in the south are you able to have the puppy in an area that will be shaded with water during the summer or can he/she have access to your home during the hottest part of the day.  As a young pup will someone be available to take care of the puppies needs during the day, such as coming home during the middle of the day to let the puppy out if needed.  Any other information that you can tell us to help select the correct puppy for your family would be appreciated.  We want to make sure that both you and your puppy are very happy in their new situation.

I highly recommend crate training as a young pup and do not let the pup loose when you are not at home, until both you and your puppy are comfortable with his new surroundings.  This can vary with each puppy.  You do not want to come home and find your home destroyed because of the puppy having a good time while you are away.  This is a good time for him/her to be crated until he understand his limitations. Griffs are great family members and do well with children when introduced at a young age.  That way both learn to respect each other.  I do socialize my pups in many areas.  They are taken for rides in a crate, introduced to other breeds, adult dogs, adults and children.  They are handled each day by someone whether it is me, my husband or others that are visiting at the time.  

All parents are OFA and Cerf certified.  You will receive a copy of this certification in the puppy packet with your new pup when he/she would go home with you. If you would like to see a copy before hand, I can either e-mail a copy to you, fax or send it through the mail. All numbers on each dogs certification are found on my site with their pictures and pedigrees. It is very important to have your puppy certified for hip dysplasia (OFA)at 2 years of age and his eyes checked (CERF)at a year.  By doing this you are helping me to be aware of how the dogs are rating.  Please send copy of the OFA and CERF for my records.  Each pup does come with a written contract, one copy for you and one for my records, their AKC registration if received in time, otherwise they will be mail to you ASAP, a copy of their pedigree, medical record,  and information that is helpful to begin your live with the pup. You have my permission to print a picture of the sire and dam from my site.

 Deposit are taken when I do breed a litter. I only take 3 male and 3 females, if more are whelped at that time, I will contact any others that are interested. I usually breed 2 litters a year.  All pup will normally have deposits on them by 4 weeks of age.  Depending on the timing that the deposits are received; will be how the puppies are selected for their new homes.  Please send the deposit in the form of a money order or cashier check made payable to Karen Broadus.  The remaining balance must be received before the puppy will be shipped or picked up.  This must be in the form of a money order, cashiers check or cash (if picking up the puppy).  Do not mail cash through the mail.  I am not responsible for lost payments in the mail.

For any other information or questions feel free to write me at