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   In November of 1973 I not only married my husband, Sonny, but also along with him came several Australian Shepherds...3 Blue Merles, one dog and two bitches. As time progressed I wanted something more to do with the "Aussies." In checking I found that the Aussies could be shown in Conformation, Obedience and Herding. Competition was an avenue that I was familiar with during my high school days. This seemed a likely prospect with their intelligence, trainability and attitude.

    Since I had been showing Quarter Horses, both in Halter (conformation) and pleasure. I knew that the Aussies we had were very nice, but they were not registered.  I started my search for the all around dog. In 1976, I acquired my first dog that completed his Championship. I was hooked. It was all up hill from that time.

    First establishing which lines that I preferred then began a concentration of those lines to this day. Not only did I do research on those lines, but I also began showing in all areas. Today, my main interest is Conformation and Obedience. Even though, in the past I have managed to obtain several herding titles, I did not have stock readily available to work. The original dogs that Sonny had were very similar to the type of dogs that I do breed today. We were able to find that those dogs came from out west, but that is where our search ended. When looking back to compare those dogs to what I have now, I would say that they were some of the ancestors of MARQUIS AUSSIES.

As with all things time moves on. . . We did too.  In 1998 we were able to move to Sonny's family homestead, from Haughton, LA to Saucier, MS.  This place has been in his family for over 200 years.  We now live on 41 acres with lots of wildlife, dogs, 2 oxen; Bo and Pete (deceased), 2 Belgians; Bonnie, Jill, Patsy a MO Fox Trotter plus a lot of work ahead of us.  We have 2 sons, Pat & Chris.  Pat took over his Dad's business of shoeing horses on the different race tracks around the country. . . Chris graduated from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN August 2002. Chris came home and decided that after working for a minor league baseball team, he would rather learn to shoe horses. Chris is now in a partnership with Pat, both live in KY. I attend shows when I can and do enjoy seeing many of my friends. Pat married Torri Nahorniack on Sept 9th, 2007. We have 2 grandchildren, Hanley and Benton. Chis married Ashley Adee on May 30 2015. As with all of them, horse and dogs are in their lives. 


As an update to our lives we are in the processing of moving to KY to be with our family there..  Several of the dogs that we have produced or others have bred to our males, have obtained titles in all areas.

Our Kennel had the FIRST High In Trial (Obedience) with AKC~Ch. Marquis Compliments of Quatro K, CD.  Lance had both his AKC and ASCA Championships and Companion Dogs titles.  His littermate sister~Ch. Quatro's Maid To Impress was the FIRST AKC Champion, obtaining her Championship the first three days that we were able to show in AKC.  Lance and Mandy were bred by a very good friend, Annette Kissman.  We have since gone on to produce dogs who have participated in all avenues.  Many are very active in agility and rally, besides the conformation ring.  Some are on farms where they do their work. 

Our Aussies come in all 4 colors, they do it all.  We have dogs who have won the Herding Group, Best in Show Specialty, Best in Show Bred By Exhibitor, many who finished from the BBX class, bred dogs who have titles in agility that are working on their Mach's, others that are doing herding, rally, obedience, search and rescue, therapy, service dogs and the list goes on.  If an aussie can do it, ours will try.  If you have the time and energy to do more you; your dog can!


Jenny cooling off Louisana style on a hot summer day.

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